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Cursed by Tara Brown

Tara Brown - author of Cursed

Tara Brown – author of Cursed

Tara Brown was born in in Nanaimo, Canada on January 30th 1978. She writes Paranormal Romance, Post Apocalyptic and Fantasy novels. She self-confesses that all of her books contain sexual content and swearing, She lives with her husband, her two daughters and her Beagle named Buster. She names Dean Koontz and Stephen King amongst her literary influences.


This book starts by telling the story of Aimee, an 18 year old high school student. Aimee is everything her twin sister is not – her sister lives life to the max, is spoilt, gorgeous and, to be frank, very stupid. I believe she is what you would call an airhead.

Aimee is struggling with life. Her mum died 9 months previous and Aimee carries a guilt – the guilt being that if she enjoys life she is disrespecting her mother’s death. Everyone around her, her dad and her best friend especially, want her to come out of her shell, but it’s hard to live life when you lose someone so close to you. Aimee is going through the paces of her everyday life but is only comforted by the special spot by the side of the road where she feels her mum is with her.

Life is more complicated by the fact that Aimee loves her sisters boyfriend Shane. She has as far back as she remembers. He is the one she wants for her first kiss but he is with her sister. For that he is tainted and Aimee knows that she can never be with him. It hurts more knowing that he is nothing serious to her sister, who discards boyfriends like it means nothing.

One night Aimee reluctantly agrees to go with her sister to a house party at Shanes house. That night her life is turned upside down like she has never experienced before. Near death Aimee crosses *in between* and sees the elusive guardian angel that nobody else can see. She is drawn to him physically and wants to know more but he resists her at every point. Nobody believes her when she talks of him and she is determined to find out who he is, proving that he is not a figment of her imagination.

This story tells of Aimees battle dealing with her finding the person who nearly killed her, exploring a new relationship with Shane and facing demons that were only told as horror stories on dark nights.

When Aimees life is ebbing away she is forced to make a decision that will take her away from all she loves and knows and throw her into a cruel, sterile world where she becomes the demon she had always feared. This is just the beginning for Aimee, but for her it feels like the end of all she she lived life for. Can Aimee truly face what she has become and do it without Shane?

This is the first of 5 books in the Cursed series. It’s what I call a background story. It tells everything that happens before Aimees life is completely and irrevocably changed forever. It’s a great read and I went on a journey of change with Aimees character. I am really looking forward to reading the remaining 4 books to see where Aimees new situation leads her and see if she can ever gain inner peace.


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